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Explore a selection of free educational resources featuring English translations of the Biyal Biyal Aboriginal language of Sydney & NSW region.

Aboriginal language education sheets

Download colourful illustrated translations of the Biyal Biyal Sydney Aboriginal language into English.

Turramurra - Aboriginal place name
Twinkle Twinkle Little star in Aboriginal language

Nursery rhymes and folk songs translated into Sydney Aboriginal language.

A selection of Aboriginal place names explained.

Learn about William Dawes and his connection with Aboriginal languages.

Aboriginal language maps - Sydney and surrounding areas
Photo of Aboriginal carving

Discover the Aboriginal language of Sydney and surrounds, geographically.

Street signs with Aboriginal names and their meanings explained along with images of Aboriginal carvings.

Aboriginal carving

Read about Jeremy Steele's exploration of the Aboriginal language through the notebooks of Willam Dawes in his thesis - The Aboriginal language of Sydney.

A photo of William Dawes notebooks
Portrait of William Dawes
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