Aboriginal Place Names - Signs

Nulla Nulla

ngala ngala: a special club

Kurraba Road

“Kurraba’ or garaba was the name of a multi - pronged fishing spear used in Mosman and all round the harbour, by the men. The woman caught fish from lines in canoes.

Birriban Reserve

Biraban, whose name meant ‘wedge-tailed eagle‘ — or perhaps any big bird.

Biraban Public School

Biraban, whose name meant ‘wedge-tailed eagle‘ — or perhaps any big bird.

Awabakal Avenue

Australian language, which came to be known as Awabakal.


Awaba means a flat place. The flat place referred to is the big Lake Macquarie.

Warragal Road

Street names in Turramurra:‘warigal’ means ‘dog’, as does dingo

Nurina, Nullabor Plain, WA.

Sign: middle of nowhere There is not much of a central business district in Nurina featured below, indeed not much of anything. This is another Aboriginal name but far far away.


Turramurra: it might have meant ‘trees’

Woy Woy

Wayi wayi might have meant a body of water, as at Woy Woy, or the waters of the Harbour. Near Kirribilli there is a Weye-Weye Point, with -eye pronounced as in the word ‘eye’.

Wonga Wonga

wonga wonga: a pigeon

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